WCFServiceWrapper v0.2

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Released: Jun 21, 2008
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Release Notes

v0.2 21-Jun-08

This release contains the VS2005/.Net 2.0 source code to the project. The solution contains three projects...
The example attachment contains the binaries of these projects (so you don't have to pull down the source and build it to use the applications), plus it provides a VS2008 solution containing two projects; a dummy business layer project that exposes an interface that would make an ideal candidate for WCF wrapping and an empty WCF project ready to host the wrapper you will generate from the business layer.


In order to provide the wrappers to an existing interface you must have a built version of your interface. Reflection is used to discover the interfaces and types used within that assembly. With the console UI you need to specify the assembly and interface to target, with the Win UI you select an assmbly from the file system and it will discover the public interfaces for you to select one to target.

All that remains is to specify the namespace of the code that will be generated - this is done independently for the interface and entities in case you wish to "park" your entities elsewhere. Nominate the folder to save the new code to (again interfaces and entities are independent) and select a language - C# or VB, and then "Generate" the code.

Once complete you just need to pop into your VS project and include these new files into it. For a brand new WCF project you will need to adjust app.config settings and make a reference to the original assembly that you targetted. The only code you need to write is each service methods implementation - that I can't code gen for you!

Typically this would be where your IoC framework would be used to "select" an implementation to the business interface for you to invoke. The WCF and business layer entities are interchangable - A WCF entity can be constructed from a business entity; a business entity can be converted from a WCF entity by calling ConvertFromWCF() on the WCF entity.


  • Added Winform client
  • Support for generating code in VB (/L:VB)
  • New type discovery implementation. Discovers all public interfaces within an assembly


  • Handling primitive/void interface method return types properly

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I would have given this one a high mark except the executable in the example invoked a keylogger. I'd be happy to send a screenshot of the Norton alert message. Other than that, nice work--in the source code. -Kevin
by KevinEarley on Jul 22, 2012 at 2:25 PM