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Project Description
WCFServiceWrapper is a .Net application to generate the .Net service layer code required to expose any existing vanilla (non-WCF) .Net interface via WCF. Any existing interface can be selected for interrogation; the methods and types used are cloned with all the WCF attributes and references required. Conversion between your interface entities and the new WCF clones is also automatically code gen'd for you so you can seemlessly flow entities between the WCF service layer and your inner business interface. Each new WCF entity is created with a constructor overload that takes its original business entity analogue - it also has a ConvertFromWCF method to convert it back into the original business entity. As a bonus a default service implementation is also provided with stubbed out "NotImplemented" interface method implementations.

At its core is an extensible assembly containing interfaces (and implementation) to discover type information, generate and publish code. Two user interfaces are provided - a console application and a Winform client.

This core assembly does all the heavy lifting of interface and entity type discovery, code generation (in VB or C#) and also manages the publishing (persistance) of the code. The idea is that other interfaces (eg: VS.Net add-in) could be created to compliment the existing UI's.

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